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Riccardo Mario Villanova Sammarco, also known as MRA, Maestro R. and other names, is the only transmitter of the Ammonian Science and the only representative of the Ammonian Order.

Mra Scienza Ammonia

“My name is Riccardo Mario Villanova Sammarco.
I am known as MRA, an acrostic of a name that cannot be revealed according to the ancient rules.
I descend from various initiatory schools, first of all the Italian school.
I was initiated into the Miriam, the Egyptian Osiridean Order, Martinism, the Rose Cross, the Golden Dawn, the Alpha et Omega, the OTO and other initiatory schools and orders of the same kind which would take too long to describe as they are little known to the general public. .
I have been a high degree Freemason in the Misraim and am a Gnostic Bishop with the name Tau Marcus.
I was initiated for the first time at the age of 18, but I met my Mentor when I was 14.
I have been trained in Hermeticism, which includes Alchemy, Magic, Theurgy, Goetia, Demonology, Angelology, Ancient Astrology, Sacred Geomancy, Kabbalah etc.

I was told to start spreading the Ammonian Science 10 years ago, and I have been doing so ever since.
Ammonian Science is the particular secret tradition at the basis of every tradition, in fact its motto is:
By this we mean that from the Ammonian Science (a convenient name to hide the real, ancient secret name which is not revealed to the public except those who are seriously interested), all the traditions were born, diversifying over time and history with different names and forms, but that in the end they will all return to their own source from which they arose.
While the other meaning indicates the final Ammonian knowledge, subjectively indicating to each person that everything comes from them and is destined to return to them.
Warning and teaching among the greatest.

I am the founder of the Lunar School, a preparation course for deeper studies.
I am also the founder of the AOP or Antiquus Ordo Phenix, which intends to aim at solar education to complete the Lunar school, with a profound and TOTALLY TRANSFORMING initiatory program.
Everything is contained in the Academy MRA and protected by the CAUM or WORLD’S ONLY AMMONIAN CENTER.
I am here to give what was given to me, with the addition of my practice and personal realization.

With love and respect.
Ricardo Mario Villanova Sammarco

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