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This is a very complicated period in which we are living and I want to give to you a greater technique, a very decisive one, so that you can have the possibility to be self-protected, to be self-defensive and also to help those in need. 

I ask you to have either a large white sheet of paper and to draw a circle inside that can contain you (it can be a maximum of two meters in diameter, and a minimum of one meter). With one metre, you would be standing up straight during the ritual. When you draw the circle do not close it fully, but leave a little piece of about  50 cm open. You will close it only once you are inside the circle ready to begin the practice. 

Once this is done, draw the symbol for Mars and the symbol for Jupiter in the centre of the circle. The circle should be made in black, the Mars symbol in red and the Jupiter symbol in blue. Then write under these symbols your name and the names of the people you want to be completely protected. 

You can do the practice at any time of the day or night, because it is a free action, a free procedure. Before doing it take a nice bath, a shower,,, this is needed to open the pores of your skin so that your magical energy force can pass through. That is to say, rub your skin with sea salt until it becomes become more or less red. BUT always pay attention not to harm yourself or your skin!  If you have problems with the salt and you cannot use it then use hot water this too will cleanse your skin. You will feel different after having done this. Don’t use perfumes to wash, use a neutral soap if possible, or at the limit the Marseille soap. Do not use chemical perfumes. 

After the purification use your magical tunic/ robe or other clean clothes, preferably in a neutral colour… white is fine or black.

Having done that, take a candle in your hand of any colour, take some incense, it can be sticks, it can be incense grains in any fragrance. Then take a notebook with a red pen or a red marker, and go straight into the circle. To close the circle I suggest you take a small piece of string. You can take a piece of string the width of the opening, or you can easily take some coiled wire, black of course, for the opening, so that you enter, then turn around, put this string on the floor and close the opening directly. 

That done, you inside the closed circle facing East. Once you are facing East light the candle, but don’t light the incense yet. Light the candle, raise it high, and say these words: 

“As the Sun rises, as the light rises, so my strength rises, that I may drive out all the darkness that threatens me (or threatens us, if there are other people)”. 

Then turn directly to the south. Repeat the formula again, the same as before, even if it says “where the Sun rises”. Then turn west, and then north. 

Back in the east, place the candle on the ground, attach it in some way, or you can hold it in your hand, and light the incense. Take the incense, you can hold the candle in one hand and the incense in the other hand, or just the incense if you have placed the candle on the ground, and say, still towards the East and say these words: 

“As this smoke rises up to the sky, so my prayer and invocation for help may reach you, my Numen, so that You, who are in the ranks of the Archangels and Angels who defend the oppressed, may come to my aid (or may come to our aid)”. 

Do the same by turning to the South, turning to the West, turning to the North and turning to the East. After that, put the scent on the ground, take your notebook with the pen and write down the first name of the person you want to be protected from this happening and write down name, surname, date of birth and underneath: “may you be completely protected from all evil”. Remove it, perfume it with concentration for at least 2/3 minutes, and once it is perfumed you burn it, make it burn and let the ashes fall on the ground, and so you do for each person you want to protect from your family or others. If you are alone, do this only for yourself.

Having done this, on the ground you will have the ashes. You turn to  East and say these words: 

“I count on your protection, my Numen, you who are of the ranks of Archangels and Angels. Grant that I may be protected (or we may be protected) from all evil in this hour of great darkness”. 

You turn again to the South, you do the same thing, you turn and do the same thing to the West, you turn and do the same thing to the North, you turn to the East. 

When you’ve returned to the East you raise your hands, and you say: 

“I release with these words all the energies that have been bound up in this little ritual (or this little ceremony). Go in peace. May there always be peace and protection between me and you, who have been called by my love”. 

Once this is done, relax, blow out the candle, let the incense burn, open the circle and leave without looking back. Leave everything as it is for the moment… 

Return to the room only after 4/5 hours when everything has stopped, take the ashes, clean everything and fold the material where you drew the circle because you can use it  for next time. The candle is NOT to be reused, and neither is anything to do with the charcoal. The ashes should be thrown in a clean stream of water or buried under the ground. When you throw it away or bury it, say: 

“I give to the earth what the earth has given me”. 

This is the first important ritual for protection in these dark times.

If you have any questions please let me know!

Love for you all