Your Teacher

MRA, your Guide through the Ancient Knowledge of the Laws of Nature.

Born in Turin the 1964 Mario Riccardo Villanova Sammarco MRA is your teacher who will guide you along your Alchemical Path.

He started his fathom into the Ancient Wisdom from the age of 14 by understanding the natural elements of the rural land in Piedmont.

A long journey in which MRA has esperienced the teachings from the highest Masters of this Sacred Science.

MRA will transmit to you the Knowledge and its tools that will help you comprehend and master the natural and the spiritual phenomena.

By following his teachings you will achieve the strain to implement the transmutation of the nature inside and outside of your body.

MRA will  shape the road map of your self-development through Alchemy.

MRA’s Knowledge will be handed to you in a clear manner and without distortions.

MRA’s is not a guru, he is your Teacher.

“LightYour Heart … beginning and end
of every alchemical teaching:
the Alchemical Fire!” 

Mario Riccardo Villanova Sammarco, MRA