Tommaso D’Aquino in his book “De Alchimia” addresses his students of the Sacred Art famous advice which turn to be precepts for whom has interest in becoming student:
The Alchemist will be silent and private; He won’t reveal to nobody the result of his operations. he will inhabit far from mankind, in a particular home, composed by two or three rooms used exclusively to his operations. He will accurately choose the time and the hours for his work. He will be patient, constant and perseverant. He will execute,
according to the rules of the Art, shredding, sublimation, fixation, calcination, solution, distillation and coagulation.
He will use only glass vessels or varnished pans, in order to avoid the contamination of acids. He will be rich enough to afford the expenses which these operations requires.
Above all he will dodge to establish relationships with Princes and Lords.

“The true way is not to inculcate
symbols, formulas and rites
in the head of the seeker
that do not understand where they come from.
The true way is to remove the surplus
from essential things
Mario Riccardo Villanova Sammarco, MRA