Cultural Domain

The cultural framework of the MRA Academy embraces the millenary heritage of the ancient culture of the Mediterranean area.
Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, places in which the spirit of the West was forged; a melting pot of Alchemy, Magic, Mystery Cults, but also Philosophy, Law, Art, Technical Sciences.

The spiritual aspect of the Mediterranean area has always been balanced by the rational one and has elaborated the unique concept that is the synthesis that distinguishes it from the Eastern disciplines: the idea of LIBERTY.

The teaching of the MRA Academy is above all antidogmatic and anti-sectarian.
It arises from the study of the ancient sapiential teachings that are now reworked for the third millennium humanity in the light of current scientific knowledge.

When we talk about Alchemy we do not mean the pursuit of physical gold and similar fantasies, but the intelligent study of the laws of Nature and a practice aimed at bringing benefit to people’s lives and in their health.

When we talk about Magic we do not mean satanic rituals and similar garbage, but the study of one’s own inner abilities and the development of the individual will in order to change itself and its own reality for the better.


The Academy draws attention to literary sources and materials taught to students, checks versions, translations, comments and academic essays to avoid distortions and misunderstandings in the delicate subject of Ancient Science teaching.